President's Message


Welcome to our ACPPA website, I hope you take a moment to explore our website and look at what’s on offer to support you as a Catholic Primary Principal.

Our hope is that this website will become a place of useful information and education knowledge which will assist you in your work on behalf of Catholic Education. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask and we will aim to assist and add it to our site, after all, the ACPPA website must be a useful and accessible tool in a Principal’s busy day.

I also urge you to get involved within your own associations. Your State and Territory delegates are hardworking, committed and passionate on your behalf so please interact with them regularly. I wish to publicly acknowledge the incredible work that they do.

It’s truly exciting times within your national association.

Finally, I thank you for all you do within your own school communities. Be proud of the impact you have on your staff, your students and your communities. Collectively, Australian Catholic Primary Principals are simply amazing! Well done on your contribution to this reality.

Peter Cutrona