Core Principles and Commitments

Core Principles Commitments
From our vision statement we draw the principles, which direct the Association’s activities. These are expressed through our name: ACPPA From our principles flow the commitments we make as an Association and as Individual principals.


Australian Primary schools are integral in shaping the future of the nation.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  • Acknowledging our place within the Australian Catholic landscape
  • Being mindful of the Cultural diversity & heritage upon which the Catholic School system in Australia has grown
  • Contributing to the holistic formation of tomorrow’s citizens

By fostering interdependence across Dioceses, States and Territories, Catholic Primary Schools are fundamental to the mission of the Catholic Church of Australia.

Therefore we commit ourselves to:

  • Inclusion of the marginalised
  • Being a voice for Social justice
    Providing Pastoral care to those in need
  • Developing a Eucharistic community
  • Highlighting and promoting the religious traditions and charisms integral to our schools’ ethos.

Primary education is the foundation of all future education.

Therefore we commit ourselves to:

  • Access appropriate professional development
  • Identifying the varying leadership roles that Principals undertake

Supporting the development of effective Succession planning.  Principals who are highly effective leaders are fundamental to successful schools.

Therefore we commit ourselves to:

  • Quality professional development
  • Stimulating Leadership
  • Supporting the principal

Developing the role of Principal Associations that are effective professional groups and support principals in their roles.

Therefore we commit ourselves to:

  • Forums for exchange of ideas
  • Opportunities for networking across Australia
  • Generating professional dialogue
  • Structures to enable effective communication to members